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Agi Kadar
A wise man ought to realize that health is his most valuable possession
~Hippocrates (c460-c377)

My wife and I started this program in November of 08 and under Agi’s supervision and guidance have both lost a considerable amount of weight and continue to loss, but more importantly we both feel great physically, mentally and emotionally. This program really works… On this program I have lost about 15 pounds of body fat and I’m at a weight I have not seen in over 20 years. This is without actually dieting or going hungry. I’m just eating the correct foods that are outlined in my specific metabolic program. The same for my wife and we are having fun creating new meals and recipes together and really enjoying what we are eating,..Agi continually checks with us on our progress, send us information and she is always available to talk, consult, or give encouragement…
I recently visited my eye doctor in November of 08 for my annual check up and got a new prescription and eye glasses; of course the prescription had changed causing me to get a stronger pair of glasses pair of glasses… Well recently I thought my eye sight was getting worse again and returned to the eye doctor the week of 2/9/09 and told the doctor every thing was blurry, The doctor checked me out and to his and my surprise he determined that my eye sight had actually gotten better… He asked if anything had changed. I never though that the metabolic program had anything to do with it but I told him. …Agi explained that I had most likely detoxified my liver with the cleansing affect of the programs and this was a result of that. … I truly recommend trying this program.  …. THANK YOU AGI …!!!

Sincerely, Mark Shields
"As for me, I'm doing much better and feel I'm making progress.
You really put foods in perspective for me. I'm eating now, pretty much the way I ate growing up...
With the right amount of protein I don't feel hungry, or have cravings for carbs.
However, I feel right at home with my food choices, isn't it strange? It is to me. I feel as if I've been looking for something for so long, and find that I had it all the time. We really don't listen or recognize what our bodies are telling us do we?" Thank you Agi.

Pinky. (Pauline N.)

"I am very thankful for your help and also very impressed by your knowledge of the human body (the influence of internal and external causes).  Since I started with the supplements the change in my body has been amazing!! with much more energy (no more naps & feeling tired), and be able to eat without getting bloated and/or burping during all day." with love,  Betty

(Teresa M.)

"Since I am following the (Metabolic Typing) diet and the supplement recommendations I am feeling much better, sleeping better and I am not constipated anymore." 
Thanks, Agi, for all your help.

Dee (Dorothy P.)

"I actually feel and look awake in the morning and have the energy to go to the gym."

Karen P.
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